Arizer Go (ArGo) Review

When it comes to herb vaporizers, mentioning the Arizer Go (ArGo) is practically a must. Arizer, a Canadian manufacturer responsible for the Extreme Q, Solo 1, Solo 2, Air 1, and Arizer Air 2 vaporizers returned to surprise the market with a vaporizer designed to stand out for its size and practicality.

Buds Rating: 7.2


A discreet and compact design characterizes the Arizer Go (ArGo) vaporizer. It’s perfect for those who love to vaporize but don’t want to give up the enjoyment in public. The small size does not detract from its technical quality. This vaporizer stands out for its features found it in it larger sized siblings,  such as the borosilicate glass mouthpiece and the ability in keeping the temperature under control precisely on a led display.



  • The mouthpiece is extendable for a cooler vapor temperature
  • Temperature range: 112°F to 428°F.
  • Portable USB charging
  • Removable battery
  • Minimal maintenance compared to other similar models in its price range
  • Perfect for vaping inside and outside the home



  •    Short vaping session, about 15 minutes
  •    Vaporizer can get hot and uncomfortable to touch


The battery of the Arizer Go (ArGo) vaporizer has a 3000mAh/18650 battery, which is a rechargeable and removable lithium ion, giving you the option to purchase spare batteries. The ArGo does give the user the ability to continue using the vaporizer while it’s charging.

How to use

The ArGo is straightforward to use.  Begin by turning it on by holding down the “M” and the “+” keys. A countdown along with a smiley face will appear, signaling it’s been powered on. Once the device is on, press the + or - buttons to adjust temperature. Available temperature ranges between 44°C and 220°C.

The ArGo vaporizer takes about a minute to reach the temperature set by the user and signals readiness with a slight vibration and an acoustic signal. The tube tends to overheat at the base, so be careful when removing when finished.

ArGo is a convection vaporizer. This feature prevents scorching of herbs creating thick and tasty vapor. The glass mouthpiece allows for further vapor cooling enhancing the herb flavor along with preserving the aroma until the end of the session.

What's in the box?

  •    ArGo Vaporizer
  •    USB charger/adapter
  •    1 battery
  •    2 Glass tubes
  •    2 Plastic tubes
  •    Carrying case
  •    1 Stainless steel stirring stick
  •    4 Stainless steel mesh filters
  •    User manual