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Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review

Prima Vaporizer by Vapir

The Vapir Prima is a portable, lightweight, and a practical to use vaporizer built with quality materials and a well-defined design capable of supporting herbs and extracts. The combination of convection and conduction technologies provides regular exposure to heat and vapor with unprecedented density and flavor. The vaporizer also offers a user four temperature settings to guarantee a personalized experience.

Buds Rating: 5.5

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The Vapir Prima vaporizer comes with a stainless steel steam channel making cleaning and maintenance as simple as can be. With the combination of true convection and vapor conduction technology, the Vapir Prima ensures exposure to heat and vapor quality from the first to the last inhale. This vaporizer comes with a removable lithium battery, four pre-set temperature settings, an elegant brushed aluminum body, removable stainless steel steam channel, and a 5 year warranty.

This device is based on the conduction vaporization method and can be used to vaporize both herbs and concentrates. It has a large heating chamber and guarantees excellent quality vapor. Its lithium battery is very powerful, equal to 3200mAh, and allows the use of the vaporizer for many sessions. The heating times are around 45-60 seconds. The user can customize vaporization by having four different temperature levels. Vapir Prima can reach a maximum temperature of 205°C.




  • Super portable and easy to carry around
  • Produces high-quality vapor
  • Long battery life, approximately, 3 hours of usage per charge
  • Heating chamber uses convection heating system, eliminating a risk of combustion at a higher temperatures



  • Has only 4 preset temperature setting and can’t be finely tuned
  • Heating chamber might occasionally open due to the magnetic cover, so it is not advisable to preload it


Vapir Prima has a practical, and manageable design. It weighs just 167 grams and can be taken anywhere. Inside it has a very large stainless steel heating chamber with the ability to hold up to 0.3 grams of herb. Given the large herb chamber capacity that can be used, this vaporizer allows for group vaporization sessions.

Vapor quality

Vapir Prima is a vaporizer that can be used for herbs, oils, and concentrates. The vapor produced is of excellent quality and highlights the aroma of the herbs used. The heating chamber does not come into contact with any electrical part of the vaporizer to ensure genuine vaporization, without risk of contamination.

Battery life

The Vapir Prima lithium-ion battery is removable and very powerful, at 3200mAh. It guarantees an very use for 5 consecutive sessions. It can be completely recharged within 1 hour easily through a USB cable, offering great convenience.

How to use

Equipped with an OLED display to regulate the vaporization temperature. The user can choose, by pressing the appropriate button, one of the following vaporization temperatures:


  • Level 1: 176°C-182°C
  • Level 2: 185°C-190°C
  • Level 3: 193°C-198°C
  • Level 4: 198°C-205°C


Another positive aspect of this vaporizer is also the ease with which maintenance and cleaning. A potential flaw of the vaporizer is the quickness of residue buildup after a short time and will require more frequent cleaning than other vaporizers in the same price range.

Vapir Prima is a very innovative vaporizer with the typical functions of a vaporizer belonging to a higher price range. With its ease of use, the quality of the steam produced, and the power of its battery are all essential features that make it suitable for both novice and  experienced users. Given the market price, we believe that Vapir Prima is definitely a smart purchase.