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VapCap Vaporizer Review

VapCap Vaporizer by DynaVap

The dimensions of the VapCap is the number one reason people like this vaporizer; it’s very thin and very light with medical grade glass for the straw, stainless steel for the cap, and silicone for the mouthpiece. Additionally, this vaporizer is portable and battery free. It comes in a convenient plastic vaporizer case, carrying it around will not be a problem. When you open the package, you will find a protective net. The use of the net is not necessary as the glass piece is resistant and handles small bumps without problems.

Buds Rating: 7.8

Vapcap silver png

The VapCap is composed of very few pieces and is rather easy to clean. This is noticeable by the ease of disassembly and the use of a small q-tip to clean residue.



  • Steam is excellent for taste and volume for its size
  • Battery-free, light and compact, allows you to always have a vaporizer at hand
  • Inexpensive when compared to classic electric vaporizers



  • Potential for difficulty in understanding how to use the VapCap correctly
  • Limited amount of grass that can be loaded
  • No official guarantee on the vaporizer.


With the VapCap being battery free, you will require a lighter to heat the metal cap in the center. During the heating process, rotate the vaporizer slowly, until you will hear a "click" from the metal cap. Should you not have lighter on hand, a torch or another heat source that gets above 400F. That being said, it should be specified that the amount of grass you will be able to load is enough for a single person or micro dosing. If you are with a group of people, be prepared to spend time loading and waiting for it to cool. When you inhale, don't overdo it with the heat. There’s possibility for the vaporization chamber to overheat, running the risk of creating combustion. We also recommend you grind your herbs finely to get the best result.