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Starry V3 Vaporizer Review

Starry V3 by X-Max

XMax Starry is the latest news coming from the hands of XVape, a renowned manufacturer based in Denver. The Starry is a small pocket vaporizer built with the excellent quality characteristic of XVape. The Starry vaporizer is 11cm × 3.5cm × 2.4cm, with a weight of 120 grams. It is also very elegant and discreet, has an anodized aluminum body, and retractable nozzle, which makes it more comfortable and safe to carry.

Buds Rating: 8.2

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The newest portable dry herb vaporizer is the Starry. It is not just an absolute bargain, it is a pocket power that will make you fly higher than the birds. This discreet and incredibly subtle vaporizer has a full ceramic compartment and uses an integrated resistance to ensure you will always get the perfect taste at each session.

The heating chamber of the Starry vaporizer is made zirconia ceramic, offering users thicker vaporizations, with better taste and more pleasant vapor temperatures. An added feature of the Starry is the magnetic nozzle allows for easy release and connection to the vaporizer body to prevent loss or misplacement of the nozzle during herb loading.


  • Ceramic heating plant reliably vaporizes herbs, oils, and waxes by conduction
  • Replaceable battery
  • Quick heating (less than 15 seconds)



  • Short battery life
  • Potential for herb combustion at a higher temperature


The Starry not only offer great vapor flavors, but cloud density is comparable to the Pax 3, which is known for its vapor production, but has a higher price point. If you’re seeking for the perfect vapor cloud, the Starry should be on your list. In addition, the digital display lets you precisely adjust the oven temperature in 1-degree increments through the buttons on the front of the body. This means you can customize the vapor temperature and density to your liking.

The battery from which is a single standard 18650 battery, carries a good amount of charge, but has the potential of draining fast. If this is a turn off, you may want to consider purchasing a spare battery to take along with you for added convenience. The vaporizer comes with a micro USB charging port with a standard USB charging cable offering convenient charging options.

The metal body is resistant and can easily withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use. To fill the device you just put in the top and fill the ceramic chamber with your herbs. To get the best results with this vaporizer, it is recommended to fill the oven nice and firm,  ensuring uniform heat distribution minimizing herb waste.

The filling chamber is large and has a beveled ring for loading ease. The magnetized head allows a perfect union and the fair pressing of herbs. Looking at the physical features of the Starry, we can find on one side the control panel with three buttons; one to turn on the device, and another two for the temperature control. Available temperatures range from 100ºC to 230ºC, a wide enough range allowing personal customization. The Starry comes with a high brightness OLED technology displaying information about the temperature, battery level, and remaining time of the session before automatic shut-off.

The wait time for using the Starry is very short in comparison to other vaporizers. With the Starry, your approximate wait time is less than 15 seconds to reach full operating temperature from the moment the oven starts to heat up.




  • Xmax Starry has a metal box (11cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm) and a ceramic nozzle
  • Rotatable nozzle for greater convenience for a better fit into any pocket
  • OLED screen with a constant temperature setting (100°C-240°C). The temperature is displayed in °C.
  • Options for 5 min and 10 min sessions
  • A new ceramic heating plant reliably vaporizes herbs, oils, and waxes by conduction.
  • The desired temperature is reached after only 15 seconds.
  • Battery: 2600 mAh battery,
  • Kits comes with vaporizer, battery, spare filter, cleaning brush, tweezers, engraver, USB charging cable, and user manual