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Sour Diesel Bud

There are many reasons why Sour Diesel bud is one of the top strains of cannabis on the market. At Wholesale Bud, we can provide you with the hook up for Sour D and many other cannabis products. Picking out the perfect marijuana strain isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t familiar with the characteristics of each strain. Sour Diesel is a great strain for using at night and during the day.

This hybrid bud is sativa dominant and provides instantaneous results. Another name for this widely used strain is Sour Deez. In most cases, the THC content of this strain is above seventeen percent. The citrus and peppery flavor have a hint of flowery undertones. During the early nineties, this strain gained popularity on the West Coast. Since then, the strain has been enjoyed by users all over the globe.

Is Sour Diesel a Good Strain?

The basic Sour Diesel information proves this strain to be a force to be reckoned with. The deep and savory aroma wafts through the air gently, but it lingers for a long period. The taste will surprise your taste buds with a mixture of pineapple, flowers, and earth. Each element of the flavor is mixed nicely into the next transitioning taste.

The energizing effects of this strain are strongly cerebral, but also can be relaxing. It is a perfect strain for relieving pain, depression, and anxiety, but it isn’t right for everyone. The stimulating effects make it easy to get up and active, even with the euphoric rollercoaster of feelings it provides. High stress levels can be a thing of the past when using this unique hybrid strain of cannabis. Users can expect a creative flow of energetic juices to rage through them like a rampant river.

Basic Information and Characteristics of Sour Diesel Cannabis

This strain is moderately difficult to grow, and it can reach heights greater than seventy eight inches. The lineage of the strain can be traced back to a combination of the Chemdawg and Super Skunk parent strains. Growers can expect at least one to three ounces in yield with this particular strain. Flowering times only take ten to twelve weeks, but the times can be shorter. Some users found an increased sexual libido when using this strain on a daily basis. It is ideal for many situations and circumstances, but is known best for uplifting moods and reducing swelling. The most common negative side effects reported were dry mouth, sleepiness, and dry eyes. Feelings of paranoia and dizziness were also reported by users of this one of a kind sativa hybrid cannabis strain.

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