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PAX proposed to improve their already acclaimed PAX2 in certain decisive areas. The main idea behind the PAX3 vaporizer is to move the PAX devices to the territory of the high-end vaporizer to an average price point without abandoning the heating by conduction.


This device may be a conduction vaporizer, but it seems that it is bent on imitating convection vaporization on demand in terms of heating and cooling. The PAX3 is heated to the desired temperature in about 15 seconds and cooled immediately after evaporation. The color LED lights hide behind the characteristic 'X' of this vape, gradually changing from dark blue to green and black and vice versa, depending on whether the device is heating or cooling.

Herbs and concentrates

The PAX3 oven has a capacity of 0.3 grams, which should easily produce about 20 extended puffs when the 4 temperature settings are gradually traversed. A second oven door with a bulbous protrusion will allow you to pack the oven half full while keeping your herbs firmly in place. The insert for concentrates has the apparent disadvantage of protruding awkwardly from the back of the vape. The container is quite spacious and two tubular air intakes prevent the PAX3 from leaving a sticky trail of molten concentrate. Make sure you keep the vape more or less straight, as there is the risk of the concentrate seeping into your device.

Impressive battery life

The battery life of the PAX3 is one of the most notable improvements concerning its predecessor. The battery seems to endure forever and you should be able to have three comfortable and prolonged vaping sessions with a single charge. The battery charge lasts 90 minutes with the only drawback being the magnetic connection between the USB charger and the device. The charging connection can be interrupted if the unit moves slightly.

Buds Rating: 9.1

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The device is quite small, which invariably comes at the expense of cold vapor. That said, the vapor produced by this device also does not grind the back of the throat, and the silicone nozzle remains cool and pleasant, even at higher temperatures. The vapor has a clean flavor, allowing the aromas of your herbs to be appreciated in all their facets.



  • Intelligent gesture control for fast heating and cooling
  • Useful app integration
  • Herbs and concentrates
  • Impressive battery life and charging time
  • Good value for money
  • Compact
  • Multiple color options
  • Two mouth piece deisgns


  • Scratch-prone coating
  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Minor imperfections: the concentrate insert sticks out a little
  • Both ends can smell

Compact and luxurious

The PAX3 vaporizer is the same size as its predecessor and fits easily in the palm of your hand. The unit feels very comfortable and its weight is comfortable. The aluminum case with a matte finish is available in rose gold, black, silver, and turquoise. These coatings make the vape pleasant to look at, even though they tend to show fingerprints and are not immune to scratches or even chips on the edges of the oven lid. Make sure you keep your keys and coins in the other pocket.

Easy access

All materials connected to the air path are of medical quality. The oven and the nozzle are located at the opposite ends of the vaporizer, which makes the vapor path longer, and a cooler vapor is produced. The lid of the oven is fitted with magnets and therefore, is easily replaceable. A small disadvantage of this ingenious design is that the main air inlet occurs along the seams of the lid. This means you can smell the residue of your herbs if you hold the back of the valve up to the nose. In any case, PAX sells special odor caps to seal both ends of the vaporizer for maximum discretion.


Ease of use

A button to control everything

Another feature that we know about the PAX2 is the only control button is located between two air slots in the nozzle. Although this is counterintuitive for many users who expect to find the controls on the body of a vape, you get used to this way of handling your vape rather quickly. This single button controls the jobs: turn the vape on and off, enter and exit the temperature control mode, and move from one cycle to another through the temperature settings. Haptic feedback lets you know when the device is ready to go so you can rest your eyes on your chat partner instead of staring at your vaporizer. The instruction manual in the box is only there to help you get started and PAX provides additional instructions on its website.


Well, it's not a gyroscope, but the built-in accelerometer and intelligent gesture control make you feel like the vape is frighteningly aware of how you're handling it (so be gentle). When the vape is shaken, the temperature level is displayed, and when the vape is collected, the oven will automatically activate; while when it is released, the cooling will start immediately.

A really useful app

Normally we would discard an integration with an app on your phone as an unnecessary trick. This time, the PAX3 vaporizer has caught our attention with an application that extends the already impressive capabilities of the device in a useful way. In addition to the standard option of customizing temperature settings in increments of one degree, the app allows you to choose between four heating modes. The Stealth mode keeps the temperatures lower, so it will produce a little visible vapor. In the flavor mode, the device will only warm to these lower temperatures at the time of inhaling in order to further preserve your herbs. The Boost mode will limit the cooling of the device, which is useful if you like thick clouds, and the Efficiency mode will automatically increase the temperature during a session, eliminating the need to make adjustments manually. You can even increase the stealth of the camera by turning off the lights while the device warms up and cools down.

Maintenance and accessories essentials

The PAX3 vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty. The cleaning of the device is easily done by soaking the different parts of isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning rods can be inserted into the air aisle for more thorough cleaning are included.

Basic Kit and Complete Kit

The PAX3 is available in two versions - basic kit (contains a maintenance kit, a flat and arched nozzle, and a standard oven cover) and complete kit (with concentrate insert, medium oven cover, multi-tool, additional transport, and grids). The basic kit allows the less common grass enthusiasts to enjoy the PAX3 experience while remaining firmly in the middle price segment. The complete kit has the advantage of offering accessories at a much more favorable price than when buying each accessory separately.

Most of the accessories available for the PAX2 are also compatible with the PAX3, which should ease the transition for PAX2 users. Take a look at the compact water-pipe adapter and additional herbal capsules for preload purposes, if you are planning to take the experience of vaporization in motion to the next level.

The final verdict

The PAX3 is PAX's latest attempt to demonstrate that a high-quality portable vaporizer can be sold at an average price point. Thanks to the significant advances achieved in terms of battery life and heating/cooling time, this vape definitely exceeds the PAX2 and stands out among its competitors in the same price range. The intelligent gesture control is perfectly suited to your vaporization needs and is a key factor in the device's ability to warm up and cool down quickly.