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Given the incredible buzz around the Grasshopper pen vaporizer and its forthcoming availability around the world, but especially in the United States, we decided to get our hands on one of these units. The Grasshopper offers a design reminiscent of a luxury pen that is offered in the business community. Even before its ultra-small size or sleek design, the Grasshopper is distinguished by it being the very first unit that offers a concept of heating based on the principle of convection. This vape can heat your most wonderful medicinal herbs almost instantly and only when you inhale! The vegetable matter is heated by the Grasshopper vaporizer only when inhalation is really effective.

Buds Rating: 5.0


Grasshopper Test

Grasshopper testers have discovered pleasure with the vaporization temperature control dial on the upper part of the unit, which allows you to choose a vapor temperature ranging from 130°C to 210°C. The analog setting dial has temperature notches where each notch corresponds to 20°C, so you can set convection heaters to 130°C, 150°C, 170°C, etc.). This allows a user to heat medicinal plants at different heating temperatures.


While most vaporizer manufacturers strive for design and potential shortness of life, the Grasshopper wants to give us a vaporizer for life. So, this pen vaporizer is available in two versions; Grasshopper Stainless Steel and Grasshopper Titanium. The manufacturer tells us that 95% of the elements that make up the vaporizer are metal, especially the body which gives absolute strength to this little pen vape. It will be very difficult to damage your Grasshopper even if it falls repeatedly. Because of a new heater design the grasshopper has received many complaints regarding faulty units.  Grasshopper labs have continued to improve there design, but out of our 2 test units, both had to be sent in for warranty repairs.  


We had only about half an hour of independent operation (about 4 fills). But as the battery is removable, just get several and the problem of battery life with the vaporizer becomes marginal. The relatively short duration of the Grasshopper vape pen's battery is certainly due to the power and therefore the energy expenditure necessary to heat the vaporizer to the desired temperature in just 5 seconds. Finally, the Grasshopper’s magnetic charger makes the process of restocking energy fun and enjoyable.

Key features of the Grasshopper pen

  • The vaporization temperature is configurable from 100°C to 210°C
  • Ultra-fast and convection heating in 5 seconds with each inhalation
  • The removable battery
  • The mechanical ignition button
  • 95% of metal design materials (stainless steel or titanium depending on the version)
  • Magnetic charger
  • An ultra-pen size with dimensions of 1.4cm in diameter and 14cm in length and a weight of just over 60 grams
  • The room capacity of a little more than a teaspoon
  • 30W heating element


  • Exceptional vapor quality
  • Very stylish design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • The efficiency is great: you get six or seven big hits out of 0.2 grams of flower.
  • Seems like a pen, which is convenient


  • Expensive compared to others
  • A warranty that you will use.
  • Bright LED light which makes it a little conspicuous
  • Plan on using the warranty and sending it in.