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Ghost MV1 Portable Vaporizer Review

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

The people behind the Ghost set out to achieve the impossible. The creators developed a powerful on-demand convection vaporizer that can be easily carried with you and is suitable for both herbs and concentrates. All the advantages of a tabletop vaporizer combined with the appeal of a portable vaporizer.

Buds Rating: 8.8

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The low-demand performance of the MV1 is impressive. In vape mode, you can initiate the power by pressing a discreet button near the mouthpiece. The air flow in the Ghost MV1 is directed through an air path and preheated by conduction heating before entering the furnace. From that moment, the vaporizer is in full convection mode as an efficient heating coil takes over. The hot air is sucked through the heating chamber and through a retractable glass nozzle.


  • Convection heating conserves your herbs
  • Delicious, soft and fresh vapor
  • Impressive construction quality with medical grade components where it matters
  • Excellent value for money
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy maintenance; disassemble the vaporizer and bathe the pieces that accumulate residue in isopropyl alcohol.



  • The button/controls take time to get used to
  • The charging operation can be a little complicated
  • Portable vaporizer but not as convenient as one needs it to be
  • The battery takes time to charge without using the quick charger



The rapid heating and cooling time of the vaporizer leaves the fresh herbs after each puff. In general, these characteristics lead to a drastic increase in the efficiency of absorption of the active compounds of your herbs. The Ghost MV1 will enable you to use approximately half of the herb you would typically use in a vaporizer.


The Ghost MV1 has a solid alloy body, feels heavy but somehow fits perfectly in hand. The vaporizer looks and feel as if it were machined with impressive precision. There is nothing cheap about it. The creators even incorporated medical grade components in the vaporizer for topline quality and vaping experience. The vaporizer comes in bright and elegant colors (satin silver, black chrome, and nickel) along with the more modern and stealthy black.


Learning to use the Ghost will take some time as you only have button to turn it on or off, to configure the temperature settings, to check the battery level, and to change the vaping mode. Your first puff in any of the temperature settings should be taken slowly and continuously until you receive haptic feedback.


Loading and setting the crucible in place can be a bit tricky and requires some ability, but on the plus side, there's no need to stir your grass mid-session. The Ghost MV1 is harmonious with concentrates through the use of concentrate pads and even has a separate concentration temperature setting. The vaporizer also has three fixed temperature settings for herbs and two custom temperature settings you can program via an app.