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If you are thinking about buying a vaporizer, the lack of options will not be a problem. Instead, it will be the variety of vaporizers in the market that will make your decision difficult. But do not despair, we know how difficult it is to make such choice among many brands in today's market. Hence, we present you with a review of one of the best and portable vaporizers in the market, Davinci IQ vaporizer.

Buds Rating: 9.2

Overview of Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer is the new, long-awaited vaporizer. It is a beautiful and portable vaporizer with a zirconium ceramic air duct, a Bluetooth app, four intelligent heating modes, and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

At higher temperatures, the taste is much better, and unlike the vast majority of vaporizers on the market, it lasts throughout the session. It has a fantastic vapor density and is even capable of producing equally good results at lower temperatures.

IQ comes with a 10-year warranty, a detachable and exchangeable battery, end caps, and a reinforced ceramic vapor path and a very innovative intelligent software that works with the embedded application.

The disadvantage of Davinci IQ is the time required to charge the battery when it is entirely off, approximately 4 hours for a full charge. So keeping an extra battery around could be a good idea for the experienced users.

You can also purchase in the Nitecore i2 charging station if you want to reduce the charging time and charge two batteries simultaneously. You will be able to expect a 50 to 80 minute battery life for each fully charged battery, depending the duration of the sessions and the temperatures you are vaping.

About Davinci IQ App

First, we would like to note the use of the smartphone application is not necessary to operate the device. You have the manual option to select the "Smart Paths," the Precision Mode, the Boost Mode and even adjust the intensity of the LEDs.

However, the app must be used to  customize Smart Paths.. Most users and testers of the product said it was one of the best vaporizer applications they have ever used. All "Smart Paths" are fully customizable up to the length and temperature of the session. You can also take screenshots and then share these modes with your friends. The application is incredibly smooth and does not encounter any bug or connection problems with the device. Reliable, compact, and innovative are the three words that best describe the Davinci IQ.

Changeable Battery and Fast Heating

By using a removable type 18650 3500 mAh battery, you can correctly manage the autonomy of this Davinci IQ portable vaporizer. In addition to its hour and a half battery life, you can purchase spare batteries, which are easily changeable, allowing you to push your limits and never run out of power. Moreover, the IQ will vibrate when the temperature is reached, with a very competitive heating time of about 20 seconds.

The Davinci IQ offers a full range of temperatures from 121°C (250°F) to 221°C (430°F) thanks to the "Precision Mode." It also has a feature called "Smart Paths" that provides four different modes ranging from 121°C (250°F) to 221°C (430°F) available in 20 degree scales, with each mode configured for a 10-minute session. According to our testers, the default "Smart Paths" 1 and 2 provide the best taste/vapor production ratio.




  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Removable battery
  • Easy to operate with app
  • Smart Path and Boost Mode give you full control
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Long warranty
  • Simple to load




  • Higher price compared to some other models
  • Long recharge time




It is clear the portable Davinci IQ has been upgraded and now masterfully fulfills all of our expectations with its dense and generous vapor and foolproof ergonomics. We had been quite disappointed by previous versions, like the Davinci V1, Davinci V2, and the Ascent, despite the significant progress made in each new versions The IQ is a vaporizer is a real success!