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AirVape Xs Vaporizer

AirVape Xs Vaporizer Review

The AirVape Xs is a handy vaporizer, with dimensions of only 114mm x 51mm x 9mm allowing great portability and discreteness. Its vapor is spot-on for its size and will satisfy both a novice and veteran user. The AirVape Xs offers a large display screen informing you of temperature and duration of the session. In addition, the heating time for the vaporizer is very short. It takes a matter of seconds for the vaporizer to reach your desired temperature. Lastly, to ensure secure and safe transport, the Airvape Xs comes with a handy leather carrying bag, limiting potential damage to the glass nozzle and device. The AirVape Xs is a vaporizer that has the potential to meet all of your expectations.

Buds Rating: 7.5

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As mentioned, the AirVape Xs is a minimal, lightweight, and portable vaporizer (5.0cm x 1.0cm x 11.4cm at 70 grams) featuring a flat and ergonomic design built for comfort in the hands. It has a sturdy metal shell showcasing elegance and strength. The AirVape houses a 3.3cm digital screen to view temperature, battery life, and the time remaining before the device turns off automatically, based upon the energy saving feature. The factory default setting for auto shut-off is 3 minutes, but a user can increase it to a maximum of 5 minutes.


Airvape XS Pros

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Has a simple digital temperature control
  • Very portable
  • Unnoticed when carried in a pocket


Airvape XS Cons

  • Vapor quality can be harsh at higher temperatures

Bud's AirVape Review

The exterior of the vaporizer remains cold as the AirVape Xs uses an innovative ceramic heater that produces its heating power via a combination of conduction and convection. The combination of the heating components allow uniform and delicate heating of herbs, producing the best possible vapor. The purpose of the ceramic heater also makes a difference in maintaining the purity of the aroma of your herb mix. With the feature of a glass terminal, the vaporizer enables cooling of the vapors for a feeling of freshness.

The compact dimensions of the AirVape Xs sacrifices the size of the combustion chamber. The vaporizer will allow you to load approximately 0.3 grams of dried herbs, which slightly below the average of portable vaporizers. The AirVape is capable of vaporizing waxes and oils, but you will need to purchase an additional wax bowl, as one is not included.


AirVape XS Battery Life

The AirVape XS has an internal battery of 1300 mAh with a reasonable duration, considering its compact size. The vaporizer will run about 45 minutes on a fully charged battery. The AirVape XS can be recharged through any USB charging cable or port, making it super convenient and travel friendly. The vaporizer allows you to use the device while it’s being charged.

How to use the AirVape XS Vaporizer

Loading the AirVape is easy: unplug the glass terminal, fill the heating chamber with your favorite herb,  press it lightly, and mount the terminal again. Waiting times are practically non-existent as the AirVape XS warms up in about 20 seconds.

The temperature range is from 93°C to 220°C and is clearly shown on display. Haptic feedback discreetly warns the user when the device has reached the desired temperature and when it is shutting down.

Airvape XS Accessories (included)

  •    Leather carrying case
  •    2 metal filters for terminals
  •    Extra rubber tip for the terminal
  •    A pair of tweezers
  •    Stainless steel mixing tool
  •    Cleaning brush
  •    USB charging cable
  •    USB outlet adapter (EU)

Home > Vaporizer Reviews > Airvape XS