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Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano vaporizer is the king of tabletop vaporizers, no doubt about it, and it’s not something we just say, but almost all vaporizer users agree with this statement. It’s perfect for vaping herbs, dry oils, and concentrates, but it’s expensive and not portable. However, it’s ideal for those who love to vape in the comfort of their own home. It is produced by Storz and Bickel, a trusted name for quality for vaporizers like the Crafty and Mighty. Its build quality is very high, the vapor it produces is optimal, both in terms of taste and density and temperature. It is also one of the easiest vaporizers to use. We’ve been using it for years, and it still works like the first day. Read More about “Volcano Vaporizer Review”

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

If you are thinking about buying a vaporizer, the lack of options will not be a problem. Instead, it will be the variety of vaporizers in the market that will make your decision difficult. But do not despair, we know how difficult it is to make such choice among many brands in today’s market. Hence, we present you with a review of one of the best and portable vaporizers in the market, Davinci IQ vaporizer. Read More about “Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review”

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review

The Boundless CFX, produced by Boundless Vape Technology based in Ontario, Canada, is a portable vaporizer with features and performance of high-end brands, much loved by its users for the large vapor clouds it creates during vaporization. It’s one of the most sold and appreciated vaporizers on the market. It’s worth noting that in addition to vaporizing dried grass, it also vaporizes oils and concentrates. As a result, you can indulge yourself by vaporizing anything in your market. Read More about “Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review”

AirVape Xs Vaporizer Review

The AirVape Xs is a handy vaporizer, with dimensions of only 4.5in x 2in x .4in allowing great portability and discreteness. Its vapor is spot-on for its size and will satisfy both a novice and veteran user. The AirVape Xs offers a large display screen informing you of temperature and duration of the session. In addition, the heating time for the vaporizer is very short. It takes a matter of seconds for the vaporizer to reach your desired temperature. The AirVape Xs is a vaporizer that has the potential to meet all of your expectations.

Best Vaporizer Reviews

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Not all vaporizers are created equal. Vaporizers are built with a couple different features in mind.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Vapor Quality
  • Weight
  • Durability 
  • and more.

This is why Bud provides his personal opinion to each vaporizer rating. 

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

Mighty by Storz and Bickel

For beginners, the Mighty currently offers the best autonomy in the market for a full charge. You can expect an average of 6 to 8 hours of vaping on a full charge and the Mighty recharges entirely in about 90 minutes. It features easy-to-use temperature buttons and easy-to-read LED display. The temperature range is from 40°C to 210°C.


  • Optimal performance
  • Durable and easy to fill chamber
  •


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